Strange behaviour of Thunderbird

Walter Petrel petrel at
Wed Aug 24 11:31:44 UTC 2005

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Subject: Strange behaviour of Thunderbird
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 12:12:22 +0200

> I have 3 Email accounts.
> When i run Thunderbird it download the mails only on the first 
> account but if i click "Get Mail" all the accounts are downloaded.
> Thunderbird version is 0.8.0
> Nothing found in Thunderbird help, faq and knowledge base.
> Please Help

I have Thunderbird and three email accounts and it works fine. Check your server settings for all three. And just to be sure, are you separating the mail folders for each?

Also you should probably upgrade Thunderbird - 1.0.6 is current.

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