Confused about tcp_wrappers and sshd

barophobia barophobia at
Wed Aug 24 18:08:21 UTC 2005

On 8/24/05, Robin Mordasiewicz <robin at> wrote:
> What a co-incedence, you must be a slashdot reader cuz I just installed
> that too.

hehe.. Actually I think I found through searching my Fedora email in
Gmail. When did it show up on Slashdot?

> Indeed you have all the nessessary tools.

But it appears that they are not working in conjuction. How can I make
them work together?

> I decided to run it as a daemon. If you do then be sure to set the
> environment variables properly in the config file.

I was planning to do the same, thanks for the heads up.


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