Cannot access to previous Linux partition

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Sun Aug 28 05:00:53 UTC 2005


>> On one of my multi-boot test system, they were all on different drives,
>> with their own boot partitions.  After an update, I just copied and
>> pasted grub.conf entries from one partition's files to the other's,
>> with suitable modifications.

Jonathan Berry:

> Hold on there.  Probably one of the easiest ways to multi-boot is to
> let each operating system take care of booting itself.  You will need
> one system to be the "master" and chainload to all of the others.

Tried that, couldn't get one Linux to chainload the other, gave up.
It's a moot point now, as that system is now a single system.  Though,
it did work on another multiboot system, in the manner you outlined
(install each bootloader to the MBR of its own drive, as if it were the
only drive, chainload from one drive to another).  I never figured out
why it wouldn't work, they were both nearly the same as each other.

Now I only have one multi-boot system for the crappy hardware that's
only usable with Win98.  The rest are all single boot, Linux only,
PCs.  ;-)

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