2.6.13 Kernel

David G. Miller (aka DaveAtFraud) dave at davenjudy.org
Mon Aug 29 02:36:30 UTC 2005

The 2.6.13 version of the kernel is now available from 
http://www.kernel.org as well as the usual mirrors.  Anyone have any 
thoughts as to plans by Fedora to move FC4 to the 2.6.13 kernel? 

I'm normally not a "new kernel junkie" but PCMCIA support gets 
significant fixes in 2.6.13.  It would be nice to have an FC4 official 
2.6.13 kernel that fixes PCMCIA on my HP Pavilion laptop running 
FC4/x86_64.  The "roll your own" alternative is downloading as I type this.


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