OOwriter hangs when copy paste webpage with picture

Fajar Priyanto fajarpri at cbn.net.id
Mon Aug 29 14:26:59 UTC 2005

On Monday 29 August 2005 20:46, Paul F. Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> > My OOwriter on FC4 always hangs when I try to copy paste a webpage with
> > picture in it. If there's no picture, I can copy paste without problem.
> Which version of OOo are you on? I know the version currently in rawhide
> (1.9.125-4.2.0) has absolutely no problems in what you describe.

Mine is openoffice.org-writer-1.9.125-1.1.0.fc4
I have upgraded it last night. Is mine the latest version?
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