web files with ftp vsftpd

Josh Coffman josh_coffman at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 30 14:13:34 UTC 2005

I used this guide to get vsftp configured:

It doesn't specifically go into setting /var/www/html,
but it does cover setting specific home ftp
directories per ftp user. You could then set it to
/var/www/html and set the permissions on that folder
so the user can read/write to it.

I also saw a guide for this specifi problem a while
back, but I can't find the link. I'm sure I originally
found it with google.


--- David L <david at livelysolutions.biz> wrote:

> I thought I got it a wile back, but I didn't. Does
> any one know how to move to /var/www/html ?. I've
> been trying to do this for a week now. Maybe I'm
> just stupid. If this keeps up I'll have to move back
> to windows> -- 
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