FC3: Network stalls

Dennis Bjorklund db at zigo.dhs.org
Wed Aug 31 10:43:21 UTC 2005

I'm having problems with network stalls with FC3. When I try to use
ssh/scp between 2 FC3 machines over the internet (both computers on ADSL)
then it transfer a small amount of data and then stalls. For example with
ssh, doing ls on a small dir work, but doing ls on a dir with a lot of
files can make the connection stall and never start working again.

When I work on the local network then there is no problem.

It seems that I'm not the only one with this problem and linux 2.6. I've 
found this thread and many others using google:


What I havn't found is a bugzilla bug that discuss it, or a lkml thread.
Some guy in the thread above had problem with FC3 but when he tried RHE3
on the same machine it worked. This suggests it might be a kernel problem.

I bet the real error is the stupid ISP that have broken hardware where
damaged packages arrive or something, but since RHE3 seems to be able to
handle it one which FC3 could also.

I really would like to find this problem being discussed somewhere by 
someone who can do something about it. But since a common problem seems to 
be cheap ADSL commections maybe it's just the wrong guys that it affects 
(non kernel hacker people). Do anyone have a pointer for me?

/Dennis Björklund

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