Setting Up Linksys Wireless Internet with Fadora

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Pardon my ignorance but to be honest I don't know the version of Fedora.  It's not my computer it is my roomates and I am just trying to help him out.  The hardware it has a desktop with a Linksys Wireless - G Adapter.
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> Hello All,
> I am trying to set up a wireless network in my house
> and one of the computers is running Fadora.  I know
> absolutly nothing about the operating system and any
> help would be greatly appreciated.  I need to know
> where exactly I enter the key so that the adapter
> can connect to the network.
> Thanks in Advance
> -John

To get help with this you'll need to provide more
information. Which version of Fedora Core is it
running? What type of hardware is in the machine?
(especially wifi adapter) Is it laptop/desktop?


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