SSh, Apache implementation

Thu Dec 1 03:06:08 UTC 2005

> How to use an automounter to do this ? What's the advantages ?
> Thanks
> Eric
Most of my experience with automounter is on Solaris and MVS, so
I will defer to someone who has configured it on Linux.  

As far as issues, if you can count on both machines to be running,
the /etc/fstab is the simplest solution.  The complications come
in choosing 'hard' or 'soft' for the one of the mount options.  'soft'
basically says that if the mount fails, forget it.  You would have to
run mount later.  'hard' says keep trying.  This is good unless the
machine is off or network connectivity is lost.  Experience on Solaris
says you can bog down your machine with retries.  Linux may be smarter,
but I cannot say one way or the other from personal experience.

As John noted in the other reply, selinux may demand attention.
Worst case, turn off selinux, get it to work, and turn on selinux.
This will isolate the selinux issues from NFS issues.

Bob Styma

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