seek pointer to howto install disk drivers during installation

Bob Kryger bobk at
Thu Dec 1 15:12:33 UTC 2005

supermicro does have binary only drivers for FC3 and FC4 on their FTP
server. Reportedly written by Adaptec.  I looked in the BIOS to turn off
the HostRAID, but there is no such option.

Yelling at Adaptec does not help my issue, although it would be
cathartic. I expect that I'll be more careful about the systems we by in
the future. No more of this brand/device.

So anybody have a howto on the procedure?  I think I've got it now, and
will be working on it today, but corroboration would be nice. either way
I'll put a page together myself, once I figure it out.


Sam Varshavchik wrote:

> Bob Kryger writes:
>> I have a supermicro system with this Adaptec HostRAID (not my idea). I'm
>> trying to install FC3 or FC4, but they do not have drivers. I have
>> downloaded the drivers, but I don't know exactly how to go through the
>> install process.
> Last time I checked, Adaptec offers binary-only drivers for some
> ancient versions of Red Hat Linux only.
> Turn off Hostraid, use them as ordinary, garden-variety SCSI adapters,
> and use Linux softraid instead.
>> not know the exact procedure. I've googled for it, but not found
>> anything particularly helpful.
> Go yell at Adaptec to release Hostraid as free software.

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