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Sun Dec 11 14:42:13 UTC 2005

On Sunday 11 December 2005 01:16, Scot L. Harris wrote:
>On Sun, 2005-12-11 at 00:59, Kam Leo wrote:
>> Isn't rebuilding a little extreme?  If the cracker got into an
>> unpriviledged user's account and no further isn't that particular
>> user account the only thing at risk?  Shouldn't changing all
>> passwords to strong ones and deleting the infected user account and
>> files be sufficient?
>How can you be sure they did not crack the root account and bury code
> on the system to maintain control?  Or crack other user accounts?
>If you take half measures and the system is compromised again you may
>not know how or when it happened.  And if the cracker gets pissed
> that you deleted his spam software he might use your system for
> other purposes or cause other damage before you can get it cleaned
> out.
>Hopefully his son learned from this why strong passwords are needed.

Yeah, when I heard what his sons pw was, it blew me away.  Beyond dumb 
even.  I had given Jim a set of FC4.2 cd's a couple of weeks ago, so 
this really does sound like a good excuse to blow FC3 away and install 
FC4.2 from scratch.  Its a dual boot box cause linux support for audio 
studio editing still sucks & he is also a musician/author.  The 
windows apps for that Just Work(TM).

Cheers, Gene
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