FC4: midi problem after upgrading to KDE 3.5?!

Bill R. Williams brwilliams at chartertn.net
Sun Dec 18 04:50:42 UTC 2005

On Sat, 17 Dec 2005 19:55:06 Hans-Erik Wannberg <hans erik wannberg
gmail com> wrote:

>On 12/17/05, sguazt sguazt <sguazt hotmail com> wrote:
>> Creating link /home/foobar/.kde/socket-entropy.
>> can't create mcop directory
>sguatz isn't alone -- aRts Ate My Sound Support, Too!
>yum pulled in arts-1.5.0-0.1.fc4 this morning, whereupon all SDL
>programs with sound support went belly-up with the message above.
>XMMS et al. was fine, though, so my first guess was that aRts doesn't
>play nice with SDL_mixer.  This theory seems to fit with sguatz's
>issues with timidity++, since SDL_mixer depends on it.
>This happened on a pure GNOME box -- KDE is not and has never been
>installed on it.  Therefore I suspect that arts-1.5.0-0.1.fc4 itself
>is broken, rather than the KDE 3.5 RPMs.
>I don't have a clue as how to fix it, though. :(

Broke my FC4, too.
I normally run GNOME, and I noticed it when 'bzflag' failed to launch.
Running 'bzflag' in terminal window gave similar messages:
	Creating link /home/foobar/.kde/...
	can't create mcop directory
When I logged out of my "usual" account and logged into my
experimental account which *does* run kde, I ran 'bzflag'.  It ran,
but the so-called sound was just clicking noises.

Prior to the aforementioned updates, 'bzflag' worked flawlessly in
either account.  (Well, except for the human component which is really
no good at any game.  :-)

FWIW: I can play if I use: bzflag -mute
but the point is that something is now terribly wrong with the sound
components in my FC4 system!
 Bill R. Williams        <brwilliams AT chartertn DOT net>

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