[mostly solved] SELinux is screwing me up!!!! Help!

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at insight.rr.com
Tue Dec 20 00:02:39 UTC 2005

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

>Since 'yum update' was executed in a messed up selinux state, I am not
>certain that all of the updates was correctly performed for all of the
>files updated as some files were deposited/installed and yet post-installs
>may have failed as well as evidenced with the gnome/kde #prelink# issue
>noted above preventing me from logging into the console as a non-root
>user.  I will search for all the #prelink# files but it is impossible to
>catch other things that may have been missed.
>Anyone know how I can force-reinstall all the newly downloaded rpms or perhaps
>force install all of the rpm's in the database which presumably has the updates
>as well?
You are correct that failures with the post scripts will leave 
incomplete installation of packages. I heard on the test list that pam, 
which is pretty important for logging in was effected by the post script 

rpm has two options to overwrite your currently installed packages
--replacepkgs and --replacefiles
You could try these options on your locally downloaded rpms. I guess 
these should do the replacement of all content with a corrected content.

My favorite method of new is to erase the database entry with the 
--justdb option and then run yum install messed-up-package. Yum does not 
know it is installed and tramples over whatever is in its way. (I assume)

Depending on how frequently you clear your yum cached rpms, you could 
use the versions within the var/cache/yum/<my-repo> directory.

for rpms with pre script failures, they download again and again, but 
never install. Running rpm -Fvh from the yum cached rpm directory 
should  install the rpms which failed on the pre script routines.


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