Bluetooth and linux

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Wed Dec 21 16:11:06 UTC 2005

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Rick Lim writes:

> A general knowledge question here, 
> What Bluetooth gear is everyone able to use with FC1,2,3,4?

Belkin Bluetooth stick.

Although, for some strange reason, in FC 3 the usb drivers for the stick 
come up only when the stick is inserted in the a rear USB slot.  I also have

two USB slots on the front, one of them is connected to a USB mouse.  If I 
plug the Belkin into the other front USB slot, nothing happens.  The blue 
LED on the stick begins flashing normally, it's getting power and 
connectivity, but nothing happens on the Linux side.  Nothing gets logged to

/var/log/messages, no response whatsoever.  The stick works fine if I plug 
it into the rear slot.  The Belkin stick worked in FC 2, in both the front 
and the rear slots.  Go figure.

Thanks for the info

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