grub or lilo installed?

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Thu Dec 29 12:23:03 UTC 2005

Omer Faruk Sen writes: 

> I have a system that boot lilo.conf and /boot/grub directory exist.. And
> both of them configured well. Since I have no connection to that remote
> system's video output there seems to be no way out to learn that. 
>> hi,
>> fedora uses grub as its boot manager. [at least in my system i've grub.
>> and
>> during installation fedora didnt asked me if i wanted to select grub or
>> lilo
>> as boot manager. it automatically installed grub.]
>> but u can check the /boot directory if it contains a folder named 'grub'
>> or
>> not.
>> and under that directory there must be a file named grub.conf [or in some
>> distros menu.lst]
>> regards,
>> bye. 
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You can read master boot record and search on it.
dd if=/dev/hda of=~/mbr.bak bs=512 count=1
then: cat ~/mbr.bak
the result is not very nice, but there can be read sometinh like "GRUB 
GeomHard DiskRead Error" for grub, I have't lilo, but think there must be 
something else in result of cat :) 

Best regards!
Vladimir Grigorov 

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