core 3 hangs

Tony Dietrich td at
Tue Feb 1 08:41:33 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 01 Feb 2005 08:01, solarflow 99 wrote:
> >Simple answer ... it won't run .. or at least, it might boot up,
> >eventually,
> >but you'll be sitting there at the prompt for the next Century.
> >
> >Do us a favour and look at the minimum specs for FC3.
> nice answer, I see you obviously don't know.  With advice like that, I
> don't know what would I do without you.
wrong answer.
I pointed you at a freely available document published just for people that 
need to know the answer, like you.
I refuse to spend my time typing out an answer to people who cannot be 
bothered to do simply research.
Of course, you may spend your life being rude to others ... but I suspect you 
are totally unable to cope with their responses too.
Tony Dietrich
Grinnell's Law of Labor Laxity:
 At all times, for any task, you have not got enough done today.

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