Linux Sun's JVM needs improvements

Robin Laing Robin.Laing at
Wed Feb 2 15:33:25 UTC 2005

Edward Yang wrote:
> Robin Laing wrote:
>> Edward Yang wrote:
>> And we can all trust Microsoft to ensure that this is how it works. 
>> Microsoft lost a very long court case after making Windows not work 
>> with Dr Dos.  I wouldn't be surprised to find Microsoft doing 
>> something similar.  Who really knows all the code in Windows.
> Well, I think your reply does not have much relation to virtual 
> techonology even m$ is very evil.

It does if you thing that MS could change one bit of code and 
distribute it in an update that would cause some weird problems for 
Linux in a VM environment.

What did they change in Windows to prevent it from installing on Dr. Dos?

How about all the fuss saying that they could not remove media player 
from Windows as it was integrated into the OS.  Now they are about to 
release a version of Windows without Media Player in Europe.  Or cut 
down versions of Windows for third world countries?

As Linux is becoming a bigger thorn in Microsofts side, they will try 
what they can to stop the spread or usage.  They are putting pressure 
on manufacturers to sell all computers with an OS installed and even 
charging for each computer sold even if it doesn't include Windows. 
All under the guise of stopping piracy.

VM's are a great idea but they are not clean installs and the 
underlying OS can still cause problems.  If the underlying OS is 
closed and controlled by a threatened company, they could do something 
to cause problems and blame it on a bug due to a security update.  And 
we all know that many bugs in Windows take along time to get fixed.

How many years did the battle go on with Dr. Dos.  Could the industry 
wait that long for Linux to work properly in a VM again?

In my opinion, with the cost of computers taking a dive, it is cheaper 
to have a second computer for these tests and use a KVM.  That is what 
we do around my work.  Heck, some people have three or four computers 
under/on their desks.

Robin Laing

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