OpenOffice java support

Pasha e97665728 at
Wed Feb 2 16:05:41 UTC 2005

Gedas wrote:

>I want to do some database stuff with OO.o and PostgreSQL. I'm trying to
>turn on Java support in OO.o in order to add PostgreSQL JDBC driver and
>I am having trouble with turning it on. In Tools -> Options ->
> -> Security I turn Java support on and click Ok button.
>Next time I open Options dialog and I see that java support is still
>I have Sun Java 1.4 installled and java binary in my $PATH. I use OO.o
>1.1.3 on FC3.
>Does anybody know what might be the problem?
I'm not totally sure about that, but I think Fedora version of 
OpenOffice has no java support.


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