100% Linux - Is it possible?

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Thu Feb 3 03:20:41 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 02 February 2005 16:55, David Curry wrote:
>Pete Choppin wrote:
>> I was just looking for a consensus on this...
>> I have been working with Fedora Core 3 for the past month.  My new
>> years resolution was to learn Linux.  So far, so good.
>> I created a dual-boot Fedora / Windows XP.  I am now seriously
>> considering going completely 100% Linux and dumping my Windows
>> partition entirely.
>> The question is - can you live completely without Windows, or do
>> you sooner or later have to resort to Windows again?
>> --
>> Pete
>You've had lots of good responses to your question, Pete.  The
> consensus is,
>Tchnically - Yes!  Practically, it depends on the user and the
> user's environment.   For your immediate concern - whether or not
> to dump an existing Windows XP partition - I suggest that you
> consider that partition as close to zero cost insurance.  The XP
> license is a sunk cost, your existing applications are functional
> if needed, and your costs at the margin are disk storage space.  If
> you need/want more harddisk space, 40G - 80G hard drives are
> available at nominal cost.

What do you mean technically its possible?  I came up thru the ranks 
of a Quest Super Elf, Timex 1000, TI-99/4a, hitting the CoCo & os9 20 
some years ago, thence to a big box amiga which gradually grew into a 
fire breathing monster for an amiga (I did my online banking with it 
way back when too), then to RH5.1 on a 400mhz K6-II when it came out, 
its still my firewall but a bit fresher than 5.1, and still running 
FC2 here on this box.  Never had a windows box, and don't intend to 
ever have one any longer than it takes to put a bootable linux cd in 
the drive and install a real OS.

I simply cannot see the use or utility in screwing around with all 
their damnedable viri, worms, keyloggers and other nefarious software 
that an Active X site can install on your box without even asking if 
you want it installed.  You want a job done in linux? 98% of it is a 
button click away.  The rest you might have to write a 300 line bash 
script to do.  <shrug>

Life is way the hell and gone too short to put up with that M$ crap.
And at 70, I'm all to aware of just how short it could be.

Cheers, Gene
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