Strange problems with sshd under fc3 - Solved!

Marius Andreiana malists at
Thu Feb 3 07:20:27 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 20:17 -0600, Eric Vought, Technical Director 
> OK, the problem is that service sshd reload and service sshd restart are
> not working. They are SIGHUPping the wrong process IDs. I figured this
> out when I realized that not all of my ssh sessions were closing when I
> reloaded the configuration. The session which was closing was the one
> which was mistakenly shut down by service sshd reload/restart.
> When I HUP the process myself, everything suddenly works.
If true, this would be a bug. Stop has
        echo -n $"Stopping $prog:"
        killproc $SSHD -TERM

and restart has stop() start().
Could you please test more? init.d script looks ok to me.

Marius Andreiana
Epon Business Applications

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