Any mailing list for Fedora newbies?

Gerald Thompson geraldlt at
Thu Feb 3 19:30:17 UTC 2005

Rajev Mhasawade wrote:

> Hi,
> It seems this group is meant for geeks.I hardly understand anything :'(
> Is there any special group for Fedora newbies??
> Plzz lemme know.
> Rajev
This is the newbie list, I am going to give you some suggestions first 

You will find you get better responses to your questions if you read up 
a bit first before asking.
- read the release notes for FC3 or FC2
- always search your question on
- check and see if your question is covered on 
the site, all common questions are there, and the maintainer has a FAQ 
for all 3 versions of FC.
- you can also check for answers too
- you can check the list archive by going here

These are some suggestions that I give to all new Linux users, 
references to help you understand how things work:
There are also some good Linux guides for beginners at
- Introduction to Linux -
- Bash Guide for Beginners -

This last one is only when you are ready for some more advanced stuff.
- The Linux System Administrator's Guide -

Another thing to do is buy a book that lists the common commands and 
shows you usage examples.
- the two that I use a lot are:
- "Linux - In a Nutshell" published by O'Reilly
- "Linux Essential Reference" published by New Riders

Just remember that when you first used Microsoft Windows that you were 
probably just as lost as you now feel with Linux.  When you use 
something for the first time it helps to read up on it, and the nice 
thing about Linux is most of the information is available for free on 
the Internet.

I am definitely not an expert user, I am getting better, but I would 
consider myself an amateur user at best.  So take it from one amateur 
user to another, online references are your friend, always search for 
your question to see if it has already been asked by someone else.  At 
least 3/4 of the time I can find an answer to my question by just 
searching on the resources I listed in this e-mail.

Gerald Thompson

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