Slightly OT: Greylisting success or failure stories?

David Hoffman dhoffman2004 at
Thu Feb 3 20:49:12 UTC 2005

I looked for any discussion lists about greylisting and haven't found
any, so I thought I might try asking here.

I'm considering adding greylisting to my postfix configuration, and
some of the articles I have been reading about greylisting show that
there can be any of several situations in which greylisting would not
be a viable solution.

In particular they mention issues with how some MTAs break something
in the RFC that makes greylisting work, and how receiving mail from a
site which uses multiple relay hosts (each with a different address)
can also cause mail to not be delivered.

So I thought I would ask on the list to see if anyone has done much
with greylisting and found it to be good or bad.

I do also use the DNSBL lists, and some of my accounts also use TMDA.
What I am hoping for is that with greylisting, I can further reduce
the amount of spam mail traffic.



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