Taking the plunge

Robert Slade fedora at bathnetworks.com
Fri Feb 4 07:05:59 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-02-03 at 23:51, thebearwitchproject wrote:
> Well after the hlp I recieve from my first posts,
> reading up some more and getting a copy of Fedora 3
> from a Linux mag here in the UK I will be installing
> this weekend.
> I am getting a new hard drive and sorting out my
> others so I should have a 40 gig one just for linux.

Good idea, you will probably need to have a dual booting system for some
time until you get used to FC3. You will probably need to reinstall
after a bit of 'playing around ' once you get used to it. BTW most of
the CDs given away with Mags are not the full set. If you don't want to
down load all 3 CDs have a look on e-bay there are quite a few for sale
on there at a few £s to cover the cost of burning them.
> I just have a couple more questions. I have downloaded
> the printer thing and ADSL drivers someone mentioned,
> extracted them and burnt the to a CD-RW. Now when I
> put the disc in do I just double click on the relevent
> file to start the install, like I do in Windows?

Short answer is no. It depends on what the files are. Some are source
code and will need to be complied first (not difficult to do). If they
are RPMs then the easiest way of installing them is to use the rpm
command at a command line. See man rpm.  
> My second question invlved DVD software. I currently
> use MainConcept to re-encode avi files and TMPGE to
> burn DVDs. Is there linux versions of these? If not
> can you recommend some good re-encoding and burning
> software?
> Jay

Sorry can't help you there. 


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