FC3 and MySQL, did it install or not?

Burke Even burke at bandcimages.com
Fri Feb 4 10:57:37 UTC 2005

> > I'm not sure why you ran mysql_install_db manually.

I ran it 'cause it wasn't working - but I must admit I can't remember
exactly when, before or after /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysqld start

> > Failing that you'll have to clean things up

Yes, I may end up just wiping the drive and starting over :-(

> this may help...
> # cat /etc/my.cnf
> [mysqld]
> datadir=/var/lib/mysql
> socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
> skip-innodb               <--------note

Yes it did! Got rid of the innodb errrors. But it still wouldn't work. So I
deleted /var/lib/mysql.... then recreated it 'cause mysqld was trying to
chown the directory without creating it.

But I still get:
denied  { write } for  pid=4224 exe=/usr/libexec/mysqld name=mysql
denied  { add_name } for  pid=4224 exe=/usr/libexec/mysqld name=mysql.sock
denied  { create } for  pid=4224 exe=/usr/libexec/mysqld name=mysql.sock
denied  { read } for  pid=4224 exe=/usr/libexec/mysqld name=mysql


Initializing MySQL database:  succeeded
Starting MySQL:  failed

I'm part way there. I'm afraid by now I've mucked it up fairly well. I'd
like to fix this, if not just to find out how. But I'd also like to start
with a clean install that works. Maybe I'll reinstall from scratch (again, x
5?) and pay closer attention to the packages I select. I assume selecting
mysql is not the same as selecting mysql-server?

Thanks again!


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