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Kevin Fries Kevin at hcico.com
Fri Feb 4 16:43:06 UTC 2005

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Anthony E. Greene wrote:
| On 03-Feb-2005/20:19 -0700, Kevin Fries <kevin at hcico.com> wrote:
|>Anthony E. Greene wrote:
|>| Your file manager (Nautilus or Konqueror) should be able to
|>| function as an FTP client. Just use a Location (URL) like one of
|>| these:
|>I also noticed today that Firefox has an extension that handles FTP
|>but I have not had time to try it.  But I suspect that should work
|>pretty well also.
| The OP needed an easy way to get just certain types of files. File
| managers can sort on file type.

I realized that.  But knowing how browsers such as IE, Konquerer,
Nautilus and the like handle FTP, I would assume that there is a good
chance that Mozilla would handle it in a similar way.  Thus the
reference.  Also, I did preface this with "I have not had time to try
it".  The more options the OP has, the better choice he can make.  Hard
to believe, but there are more than just your way of solving a problem.

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