Has anyone dumped udev for devfs?

Thomas Cameron thomas.cameron at camerontech.com
Fri Feb 4 22:42:53 UTC 2005

> Am Freitag, den 04.02.2005, 21:59 +0100 schrieb Thomas Zehetbauer:
> > I'm perfectly fine with bleeding edge if that means new features and
> > quick fixes. Udev has replaced the perfectly working /dev files with no
> > apparent advantage and caused a lot of problems with many still remain
> > to be solved.
> >
> You are not getting the point. Tell me whatever udev breaks for you.

No, *you* are not getting the point.  The old devfs Just Worked(TM) for the 
vast majority of us.  There are *lots* of people on this list who are 
reporting problems with udev.  I am not one so I can't say what is broken. 
But I see that for many, many users udev is problematic.  I am not saying 
udev is bad.  I imagine that once it gets the bugs worked out, it will 
probably be pretty cool.  I am just not sure I understand why the old devfs 
was bad and udev was created.  Again, to make perfectly clear:  I don't 
think udev is bad, I just don't know why we needed it when devfs seemed to 
work fine.

> You want an old devfs designed for 2.4 not being able to create out of
> the userland the needed devices? A devfs that is under no current
> Maintainership? A devfs that has a lot of bugs open since years? Well
> wipe udev, out of your system, build your own kernel. But stop telling
> the Developer what they should do or not.

Um, the point of this list is for the community to contribute to the 
project.  If that contribution consists of saying that something doesn't 
make the user all warm and fuzzy, then so be it.  It was my understanding 
that the developers would listen to the community to help determine what 
belongs in the distro and what doesn't.

> On other Mailinglists i often discuss they say something like:
> Shut the fuck up and hack it.
> You wan't something to become better? Send in patches.

That's great if you're a kernel hacker.  Most of us "mere mortals" aren't 
anywhere near that level.

> You are saying you want new features but please not at the cost of
> errors.

I've *never* said that.  I am totally cool with the problems.  I use RHEL 
for production, FC for education (and sometimes entertainment :-)  ).  I 
*expect* problems, and I'm happy to offer what I can to help fix them.

> Maybe you should then install a FC4 Test1 and help the
> Developers to merge all those bugs out of the System before they
> release. Nowadays there is so much hardware you can buy how should ever
> come a release out with everything testet against all odds?

I *am* running rawhide on one of my dev machines, and if I find something 
worthy of filing at bugzilla, I will do so.  In my own way, I am helping the 

> Maybe you can go to your local reseller and buy all the parts you need
> for that.

Not likely.

> The funniest thing is that the original Author of this Thread is whining
> about how bad udev is in FC3 and talks about business Integration.

Um, the OP was not "whining."  He stated some very valid concerns.  I 
followed up with a very real request for clarification.  Why are you so 
upset about this?


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