[FC3] VNC Troubles

Øyvind Lode o-lode at online.no
Sat Feb 5 12:58:39 UTC 2005

Hi all.

I have installed a new FC3 box.
I'm trying to connect to it using VNC but it doesn't work like I expected.

I used VNC on a FC1 box for a long time ago with no problems but cannot 
on FC3.

SSH'ed into the box and started the vncserver and that works fine.
Then I start the VNC client (on a Windoze XP box) and enter hostname:1 
and then it prompts for the password and I enter the password I created 
when I started the vncserver.
I then get a screen up but no desktop...
Just a Terminal Window??
Closing that just gives me a gray desktop and a strange cross of a mouse 
pointer and I'm not able to do anything.

Any idea why?


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