re-using .config to compile kernel

Neil Davies tefal666 at
Sun Feb 6 15:23:35 UTC 2005


>not that long ago I compiled my first kernel and saved the .config file.   after a clean install of FC3 i then went to /usr/src/ and unpacked the 2.6.10 kernel and copied the .config  into the 2.6.10 directory and tried "make bzimage" but got back "make: *** No rule to make target `bzimage'.  Stop." as an error message.  then i did "make xconfig" and then moved the original .config file (hope this makes some sense) so it overwrote the newer version (to save time).  the script of some of this, with "cat .config", is at <>.
>googling showed some indications that maybe "make boot" would work, but it wasn't clear to me.  I don't see why this isn't working...?
>Thufir Hawat
If you use 'make oldconfig', if the .config file was from a previous 
version of the kernel, then it would be brought up to speed with any new 
additions in the newer kernel and then should compile for you.


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