bad gnome-terminal or bad script?

James Wilkinson james at
Sun Feb 6 23:56:52 UTC 2005

Marc Williams wrote:
> I've just started exploring the Expect language and have quickly hit a
> little bit of a speed bump.  But I'm not sure it's Expect that's the
> problem.
> In an FC3 gnome-terminal, I try to run the following script:
> ----------------------
> #!/usr/bin/expect --
> spawn ssh
> expect "word: "
> send "password\r"
> expect "]$ "
> interact

Do I assume that you're trying to do stuff this way in order to
experiment with Expect?

Otherwise, it would make a lot more sense to set up a passphrase-less
SSH key (assuming the point is that you don't want to enter a password
and are willing to assume the security risks [1]).


[1] The risk is that if someone can get access to the script you
mentioned (say by getting physical access to the machine) or to the
private key, then they can also log into

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