Newbie-Windows networking

David Curry dsccable at
Mon Feb 7 00:31:45 UTC 2005

Sam Williams wrote:

>I just installed FC3 on an old Dell, want to network with XP Pro, Win98
>computers in a workgroup.  Can't find how using utilities in Gnome; I'm too
>much of a newbie to tackle command line with current level of ignorance.
>Plan to soon, once I have a clue, but need a clue or two first.
>I can ping the other computers using IP address and have internet access
>through the router/switch.  May be firewall restriction but likely FC3
>doesn't understand my network yet.  
>Where do I find FAQ or other resource that will help me setting up windows
You might start by downloading and reading Red Hat Linux 9.0 manuals 
available at
and reading some FAQs available at .  
Then do some searches of the fedora-list archives and Google searches on 
your topic.

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