Slightly OT: Greylisting success or failure stories?

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Mon Feb 7 03:14:57 UTC 2005

Quoting Thomas Cameron <thomas.cameron at>
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 18:36:54 

> Spammers are also pretty retarded - I've got an e-mail address that I 
> stopped using over 4 years ago.  I still own the domain, though, and there 
> is an MX record for it.  I am amazed to see that this old e-mail address 
> which has been inactive for over 4 years still gets several *hundred* spam 
> messages a day.  The address wound up on some address list which has been 
> sold and resold between spammers for years.  They don't care that the 
> addresses are no good.

I have 3 such addresses, they were receiving about same ammount of spam.  One
year ago, I made an configuratin that rejects delivery with 5xx on two of them
(one that was in archive of many mailing lists, and mentioned in some AIX and
Solaris x86 FAQs, and another one I was using for posting to news groups). 
Third one, that I left unblocked can't be found on the web, or news groups, it
was almost never used (spammers probably found it by blindly sending mail to
very popular account name: alex).  About a week or two ago, out of curiosity,
I've checked how many spams those 3 addresses are getting.  The one that wasn't
blocked  was getting on average 50 spams per day.  The other two were getting
only 1 or 2 spams per day.  After I unblocked those two addresses, withing days
there was slight increase in number of spams those two addresses were receiving.
 So I guess spammers are cleaning their lists from non-existant addresses after
some time.  But they are also very fast in sharing info about addresses for
which delivery was successfull.

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