Trouble installing Netscape 7.2 on an FC3 system

John Wendel jwendel10 at
Mon Feb 7 05:01:59 UTC 2005

James Sly wrote:
> When I was using FC2, Netscape installed easily and worked great on my system.  Now, with FC3, I am not able to install Netscape 7.2.  Is any one else having this problem, and were you able to figure out a way to get it to install?
> I am using Firefox, which is a great browser, but I would like to use the Netscape Mail & News program to receive my Netscape email instead of using the Netscape webmail option.
> Thanks,
> James

Have you tried Mozilla Thunderbird? In addition to being a fine wine, 
it's also a good mail/news client.



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