scripting default PDF application

M.Clasen m.clasen at
Mon Feb 7 12:30:55 UTC 2005

I bet, this depends on the actual desktop, used on the machines. What
Desktop is in use there ?


Am Montag, den 07.02.2005, 10:35 +0000 schrieb Matt Law:
> Hello!
> I need to set XPDF to be the default PDF application on dozens of Fedora 
> core 1 and core 2 machines.
> I would like to write a shell script that installs xpdf if it isn't 
> already installed and then makes it the default application for PDF 
> files.  Can someone please tell me which file(s) control the default 
> application behaviour in Fedora core 1 and 2?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Matt.

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