Forcing YUM to install devel packages

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kevin.j.lisciotti at wrote:
> kevin.j.lisciotti at wrote:
> First I apologize if my reply comes through convoluted, I am stuck using
> Lotus Notes at work.


> The problem had to do with the way the evolution client contacted the
> server using either HELO or EHLO commands. I'm not a programmer so fixing
> it myself is out  of the question.

>My evolution client uses the reverse-DNS name of the computer in the
>HELO/EHLO SMTP greeting. Do you have reverse DNS for your LAN? In the
>absence of reverse DNS, perhaps it uses the computer name from
>/etc/hosts? Was it the name that your SMTP server was objecting to, or
>something else? Is your local sendmail set up to route outgoing mail via
>the same server (e.g. so that "ls -l | Mail -s "test" you at"
>works)? If so, you might work around the problem by setting "localhost"
>as your SMTP server instead of the server you're currently trying to use.


Thanks for the reply. I'm not using sendmail, it's setup to use my isp's
smtp server. I will check into the dns possibilities as well the hosts file
when I get home tonight.


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