Compiling programs and KDE

James Wilkinson james at
Wed Feb 9 13:33:52 UTC 2005

David Cary Hart wrote:
> Almost every package is compiled with --prefix=/usr (including KDE) when
> installing to RH or Fedora.

When the file is installed using RPM.

> This keeps almost everything in the expected locations; Program
> directories under /usr/share, executables in /usr/bin, configuration
> files in /etc, etc.
> Not doing so tends to put stuff in /usr/local/whatever. They'll
> (usually) still work but using --prefix provides a neater system.

That's arguable.

I'd recommend that if you *aren't* using RPM, put files in /usr/local.
Keep one area for RPM to manage, and one area that it won't touch. Then
you don't have to worry about yum update pulling in a new package that
overwrites a file that you compiled yourself.


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