fc3 randomly freezing on a Dell Inspiron 5150

Peter James Morgan pmorgan at jcoverage.com
Wed Feb 9 19:47:23 UTC 2005

Hi Scot,

Scot L. Harris wrote:
>>Unfortunately, nothing of interest is being written to /var/log. Is 
>>there a recommended mechanism of debugging this fault? Any pointers to 
>>other things that I can configure (e.g., could the CPU speed stepping be 
>>the source of the problem?)
> Is there anyway to determine what the temperature of the system is? 
> From the description it sounds like the fans may not be running when
> they should and the system overheats at which point it shuts it self
> down to protect itself.

gkrellm was showing the CPU temperature within a normal level 60-70oC at 
the time of the freeze.

> With acpi off if it is stable does the fan run all the time?  

Fan operates normally without ACPI.

> Not sure but it seems like there should be some where to specify
> thresholds for when the fan runs.  

Sorry, but the machine was fairly cool to the touch, certainly not 
hotter than it has been before.

It is a development machine, so it tends to run short but rather intense 
CPU load (lots of editing, followed by lots of compiling).


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