installing Xine

Jeff Guilfoyle jeff at
Sat Feb 12 14:42:15 UTC 2005

> Uh, you could also use yum I believe as well to get gcc and 
> other stuff but it might be worth the trip back to the old 
> install discs and the Install programs app to get all the 
> Development stuff at once.

Just run 'up2date gcc' and it will install the latest gcc as well as any
dependant packages.  'Course, it will have to download them, which can take
a while, so make sure you aren't using one of the mirrors located on another

> Every system should have a compiler.

Hmm... Not so sure about that one...  I've found on my 'production' systems
it's much safer to not allow programmers to make changes to code and compile
on that box!  But for a general purpose box with a
reasonably-technically-savvy user it's tough to get by without a compiler
(and the kernel-source as well!).


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