LVM, resize /, & FC3 defaults

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Sat Feb 12 21:23:42 UTC 2005

Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:

>> Another problem with having LVM installed by default is the trying to 
>> install the next release in text mode does not recognize the LVM 
>> based installation.
>> the LVM is recognized using the GUI installer. This might be similar 
>> to what you are running into when using the rescue CD to attempt to 
>> resize the drives. A consideration might be to add a parameter to the 
>> boot command to load  lvm related processes to be able to adjust your 
>> lvm sizes to your desired specifications.
> Once booted into text-mode rescue, invoke the following commands:
> lvm lvscan
> lvm vgchange -ay
> This will scan for all LVM volumes and then will make them active and 
> accessible.
> lvm vgchange -an
> will deactivate them all.

Since I don't have a linux computer at hand now, (on someone elses XP) 
do you have to perform the
lvm lvscan
part only before you can chroot /mnt/sysimage when using a system 
configured with LVM? I take it that the
lvm vgchange -ay
refers to activating the LVM to allow for changing and the -an 
deactivates the change. I'll read and attempt to manage the LVMs when I 
get to the system that contains the default FC3 lvm installation.
I messed the installation up already when installing from rawhide. 
(gnome-python2 version caused python related programs to fail on the 
import command.)


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