LVM, resize /, & FC3 defaults

Johnathan Bailes johnathan.bailes at
Sun Feb 13 05:37:22 UTC 2005

On Sat, 12 Feb 2005 23:36:49 -0500, Jim Cornette
<fc-cornette at> wrote:
> This explanation lowers my fear about managing an lvm volume. Earlier
> explanations seemed to make dealing with the lvm volumes seem to be a
> complicated task. It still seems more complicated than dealing with
> fdisk and setting up partitions. Then again, fdisk was something that
> took some reading, familiarization, etc.
> Jim
> --
> "I admit I've done too much playing around without understanding
>   the issues involved over the last years as well, but it's time
>   to stop reinventing the (sometimes octangular) wheel and learn
>   everything from history which we can learn."

I also liked this article though the explanation given to you by
Felipe was quite complete. 

You even have the luck of getting to skip down past all the compile
stuff.  The Intro and the Use it sections helped me the first time I
had to do this.

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