Linux sucks?

Paul subsolar at
Sun Feb 13 23:51:25 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-02-13 at 18:21 -0500, Kunal Shah wrote:
> Yes.
> I am not trying to be biased but i was quit impress with the tools and
> SLA Microsoft has. And they solved our problem.
> When initially the did not find what is going wrong, they went to
> kernel level and solved it. I personally talked with a person who
> contributed in designing some part of windows 2000 server kernels.

You obviously are not Joe random user unless you whipped out your credit
card and gave them the number as part of the call, or the company you
work for has a contract that pays MS yearly fees for support.

> I know people having same skill set with Linux are there. If i get the
> same problem in Linux, some one from Kernel mailing list or bug
> tracker will help me to resolve the issue. But as i mentioned, what
> about SLA. do i have any SLA for this ? when the problem is going to
> get resolved ?

It's been resolved for years ... go with a commercial distro and pay the
annual support or per incident support.  You have your SLA it's not a
"linux" issue, it's s distro issue and if you use fedora or one of the
community distros you are going down a "non enterprise" path and if you
want a SLA it gets a bit more tricky and you have to find a 3rd party
that you can pay support to.

> We are in infrastructure support for one of the bigest financial
> institutes in world and we need SLA and that is the main reason we are
> not going for Linux. that is the main show stoper.

Use a commercial enterprise distro pay the annual support fee ... SLA
done just like in MS land.

> Is linux community working to come over this weakness?

It's not a weekeness it's a feature. :^)


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