FC3 vs. Windows 2000

Marc M linuxr at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 16:26:20 UTC 2005

Also you might compare the costs of the DIY box vs. customizing one
that maybe you can get online pre-built.  When I was trying to build
boxes a year ago, I was unable to get the parts for the prices that
some boxes come premade.  I once saw a guy spend $1200 on a desktop,
buying all high end parts individually.  Wish I had his buck's; I'd've
bought a decent laptop with the money!


On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 08:25:19 -0600, STYMA, ROBERT E (ROBERT)
<stymar at lucent.com> wrote:
> >
> > Not really what you asked but.. if the question includes the
> > word hosts.allow
> > the answer just has to be no... :-) set something up with ssh
> > (ssh-keygen and
> > then copy over the public key) - but don't ever ever ever do
> > a hosts.allow -
> > you might as well just remove the password from the root account
> > altogether...
> >
> > Peter.
> >
> Well, ssh has tcp wrappers builtin and makes use of /etc/hosts.allow and
> /etc/hosts.deny.  A common use is to set hosts.deny to "ALL: ALL"  Then
> only the protcols and ip addresses/subnets specified in hosts.allow are
> allowed in.  I think you may be thinking of the .rhosts file which has
> some serious issues.  I tend not to use the ssh-keygen and also have root
> access via ssh disabled.  This way you have to use a normal user login and
> password and then SU.  Fortunately, X displayback still works when you do
> this.  The ssh-keygen does have some interesting uses.
> I appreciate all the input.  I think I am going to build Tom an FC3 machine.
> If it does not work out for him, I can always restage it.  If he can stay
> alive for 4 more days, he will be out of Iraq and about a month after that
> he should be back home.
> I have been pushing Fedora on my non-tech friends as I believe it has gotten
> to the point of being a useful desktop for the non-technically adept.  I built
> an FC1 machine for a family where AIM was the most used application.  The girls
> all like the Fedora machine the better than the windows boxes.  Gaim works well
> for them and the machine never freezes and stays online (except when the cat
> managed to pull the RJ45 out of the back of the box).
> Thanks again.
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