Grub install broken after kernel update

Guy Fraser guy at
Mon Feb 14 21:56:29 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-15-02 at 00:31 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Hi
> > All I did was add a drive, and grub would not work any more.
> > Saying grub has nothing to do with it is complete BULL SHIT.
> i said it might not be related. 

Actually you said :
> grub has no reliability concerns really. your problem may not been
> even related to it. if you think its a grub bug then file a bug
> report.

Since it is difficult to figure out exactly what you were trying 
to say, I could only guess that the message appeared to say grub is 
not the problem.

> > The sheer volume of people that are having problems with
> > grub, should be an indicator that it is not making life
> > easier for the Fedora community.
> i dont agree with this

Whether you agree or not, many people are having trouble with 
the way grub handles drive assignments, and is one of the 
main reasons for attrition from FC. 

> > Rahul : If you don't have something that can help me, then
> > do not respond. I have probably been using Linux longer than
> > you, until grub and SATA drives came out I never had problems
> > I could not fix. If you are a Red Hat developer then, I
> > certainly hope the other developers are reading your idiotic
> > remarks and have you removed.
> name calling wont help you. if I get removed for suggesting you file
> bug reports against grub instead of ranting here then that would be
> very ironic

Did I hurt your feelings?
I'm so sorry.

There are dozens of bug reports, for exactly the same problem, none 
of them have answers, and many appeared to have been closed.

I booted off the rescue disk, then shuffled around my data so I 
could boot off a PATA drive, then reinstalled onto that drive.

I can now run FC3 again, and will not attempt to install onto a SATA 
drive again until I hear a bunch of success stories. Grub doesn't 
seem to be able to handle a mixture of drive types, and until it 
can there should be an alternate boot loader.

> -- 
> Regards,
> Rahul Sundaram

Guy Fraser

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