Core 3 Disks?

Knute Johnson knute at
Tue Feb 15 21:19:09 UTC 2005


Where exactly do you put the nocddma?



>Knute Johnson wrote:
>> I am having difficulty burning Core 3 disks.  I downloaded all the
>> ISO images and have checked the md5sum and they are all good.  The
>> problem is I can only burn disk 1.  The others keep failing the
>> test. 
>>  I'm using Windows XP to download and burn the disks.  I've tried
>>  two 
>> different burner programs, CDBurnerXP Pro3 and the Alex Feinman ISO
>> Recorder.  The ISO Recorder worked the last time for Core 2.
>By "failing the test" I guess you mean "mediacheck"?
>Try entering "nocddma" as an additional option when booting from the
>first CD and see if that helps.
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