Kernel 2.6.10-1.14_FC2

Saurabh Barve sa at
Wed Feb 16 02:18:10 UTC 2005

I rebooted one of my machines today to run the smp version of Kernel  
2.6.10-1.14_FC2. I've had no problems so far.


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> I downloaded the 2.6.10-1.14_FC2 kernel today and promptly rebooted to
> give it a spin.
> My system froze up fairly quickly and then repeated that performance on
> reboot.  The only way I was able to recover control of the system in
> both instances was through pushing Reset on the box.
> On the first occurence, I had stepped away from the machine for several
> minutes and returned to discover a screensaver pattern on the screen
> with system completely unresponsive to mouse and keyboard.
> On the second occurence, I stepped away for a few minutes and returned
> to find a dialogue box displayed on the desktop advising that the  
> volume
> control applet had died suddenly and asking if I wanted to restart it.
> I selected "No".  Within seconds the Gnome panel at the bottom of the
> screen disappeared and the system was unresponsive to mouse and  
> keyboard.
> Is anyone else experiencing this system behavior with the new kernel?
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