ACPI suspend et al

Mark Panen mark.panen at
Thu Feb 17 16:43:53 UTC 2005

There is no support for APM in kernel 766 "apm -S
No APM support in kernel"

How would i go about compiling APM support    ?

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 13:19:22 +0000, James Wilkinson
<james at> wrote:
> Michael Scottaline wrote:
> > Actually, it's working flawlessly for me on a Chembook derivative.  but
> > here's the catch.  It's quite old and doesn't pass the BIOS test for
> > acpi (older than 2001).  So apm handles power management.
> FWIW: ACPI is turned off for pre-2001 BIOSes because too many of them
> are too buggy. That doesn't mean a pre-2001 BIOS *will* be buggy [1]:
> you can turn it back on using the acpi=force option if you want to
> experiment.
> I used to do that to get my SMP box to auto-power off (APM doesn't work
> in SMP mode).
> [1] Except inasmuch as every program is buggy...
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