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David Fletcher fm_maillists at
Fri Feb 18 23:23:00 UTC 2005

On Friday 18 Feb 2005 21:09, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I have a Pentium 4 machine with a Gforce 2 video card. I have had
> trouble installing FC3 to this machine in the past because of
> incompatibility with Nvidia cards. I want to replace the card with a
> card that has TV out and install FC3 to this machine. I saw at a
> friends house today that the settings for video out on his computer (I
> didn't check which card) are controlled in a program in windows XP
> (the only OS on that particular computer). Well, naturally, I will not
> be able to use that program on FC3! So what video cards are compatible
> out of the box with FC3, software and all? I do not play games, the
> computer is a work machine, but I intend to connect it to a TV to play
> DVD's (hence the card switch). The TV is PAL standard. Cost is a
> concern: I would buy the least expensive card that I could.
> Thanks for any recommendations.
> Dotan Cohen

I'm using this:-

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9200SE 128MB DDR 8x AGP S-Video & TV Output

I've not used the S-video or TV outputs, but I've recently built two systems 
with them along with Intel D865PERL motherboards, one for home, one for work.

The board is a reasonable price I think (GBP25-95 before tax from ebuyer) and 
they both "just worked" with FC3, although I've not gone looking for any 
upgraded drivers.

$soft XP is also happy with the board if you need to dual boot.

Hope I've helped.

Dave F

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