Backups via SCP or RSYNC

Neil Marjoram n.marjoram at
Mon Feb 21 14:56:33 UTC 2005


I use Unison, it syncs both ways, I use it with ssh to create the 
tunnel, using the command ssh -i ~/.ssh/alternatekey, where the 
alternatekey is a blank password key which is copied the the remote 
server. It's not apparent how to configure ssh options in unison, if you 
want to use Unison I'll send over the config.
It's really quick if you are using it to check for updates, as I do (I 
keep a hot sink of my main file server, since it's two way (rsync is one 
way) if the server crashes I can use it to put everything back again 
without hassel. Has one of them new GUI things too!


Timothy Murphy wrote:

>Roger Grosswiler wrote:
>>i try to get together my backups via rsync or scp. I have:
>>1 server holding the backups. Behind the firewall, has to pick the
>>backups (HOLDER)
>>1 server creating the backups. (CREATOR)
>>I would like to do now the following:
>>HOLDER picks the backups via rsync or scp on CREATOR. This shall happen
>>via scp or rsync. I tried both, the problem is, that for ssh-issues, i
>>have to indicate a password, that ssh is asking for.
>>How can i:
>>- either indicate the password for ssh without interactivity?
>>- taking another way to do this? Thanks for links.
>I'm no security guru,
>and don't really understood what you are trying to do,
>but if you copy your $HOME/.ssh/ to the other machine,
>and add it to $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys there
>you should not be asked for a password.
>Also I don't think there is really a choice between rsync and scp.
>You can opt to use ssh with rsync, and I think that is the norm.

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