sftp server for owners/customers

Alan Horn ahorn at deorth.org
Tue Feb 22 00:24:49 UTC 2005

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005, Al Sparks wrote:

> I'm not absolutely wedded to OpenSSH's sftp-server, though I guess if
> I went with someone else's sftp-server, I'd have to change over all my
> ssh stuff for that server (unless I was willing to use a different
> port for sftp).  Are there settings I don't know about with
> sshd/sftp-server that will allow me to be more granular with CWD and
> allow/deny commands much like ProFTPD?
> Alternatively, does ProFTPD have some sort of encryption built in?
> What other file transfer mechanism with encryption might I use
> (https?) that would allow owner-accounts to allow transfers to a
> write-only directory?

vsftpd has SSL functionality embedded in it nowadays. It may also have
the granularity you desire.



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