Network problem - SOLVED

Mats Erlandson mats at
Wed Feb 23 13:23:43 UTC 2005


I feel like a proper fool.  Sure I had problems, but I should have 
looked in the right place, i.e. the switch/router (DI-624).  Since it 
also routes wireless and I am located in a city center, I, some time 
ago, thought I should be clever and lock out anyone who was able to 
catch the wireless signal. 

Consequently, I implemented MAC filters, so that only those MAC 
addresses which were explicitly listed would be able to access the 
Internet.  I did not know that it also included reaching the router part 
of the device, only the switch part would be accessible.  Now, to set 
this on the DI-624 you have to go to the 'Advanced' tab and there select 
'Filters'.  On the page which then appears, on the third line, it has  
two check circles, the first labeled 'IP Filters' and the second one 
'MAC Filters'.  The first one is checked by default.  Not until you move 
the check to the second option do you see the MAC filters. 

Needless to say, the MAC address of my problem computer did not appear 
in the list of MAC addresses allowed.  I entered the proper detail and, 
bingo, it all works!

I greatly appreciate all the help I got, especially from Rick Stevens 
but also Jeff Vian!  Thanks a million.  The list works, bad language or 
not - which by the way does not offend me, it rather shows some 
qualities (good or bad?) of the people who use such words.  It may be 
wise to remember that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.


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