[fedora] Re: Large HD support issues - clunk of death?

Peter Loron peterl at standingwave.org
Wed Feb 23 20:40:13 UTC 2005

Thomas Cameron wrote:
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> Subject: Large HD support issues - clunk of death?
>> I've got a K7S5A Pro mobo. It has been running FC1 for quite a while 
>> with no issues. I wanted to run FC3 and have more space so I swapped 
>> out the 10GB disk and put in a Seagate ST3300831A 300GB unit. It was 
>> properly recognized during FC3 install. After completion of 
>> installation, I ran some updates via RHN and apt-get. No problems. 
>> After sitting idle for a few minutes, I did an 'ls' in the terminal. 
>> The drive made a "clunk" sound, the disk activity light came on, and 
>> the machine was locked up hard.
>> This basic scenario has repeated itself several times. Once while 
>> installing FC3 again, the clunk happened when I clicked Next after 
>> setting the NTP server.
>> Any ideas? Does this mobo and FC3 simply not play nice with this disk?
>> Thanks.
>> -Pete
> Run diags from Seagate (Seatools, I think they're called).  The clunk 
> sound should not happen, I suspect you have a bad drive.
> Thomas

Well, I ran the Seagate utility and the disk checked out fine. The same 
behavior replicated itself on another machine (different motherboard). 
Machine #2 has a 200GB drive in it with Windows that is fine. Also same 
behavior when plugged in to a Promise Ultra100TX IDE card in machine #1.

I swapped the drive out for a new one and the new one behaves the same. 
Grrr. An old 20GB Maxtor is working just dandy in machine #1.

Maybe it is some odd corner-case incomatability with that particular 
drive series, FC3, and my hardware?



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